Being far from other major metropolitan areas has kept the impending hordes away from Boise as the rest of the country has been ravaged. Boise will see the first of the crawlers…walkers…the undead! The zombie apocalypse will be upon us. The shells of former humans will be in search of any living thing…a tag is infectious and will turn you into another hollow eyed zombie.

How will you react? Will you gather with your friends and seek safety in numbers… but always wondering if they will sacrifice you at the first site of a zombie? Will you search for help from strangers and hope to find those with survival skills? Or will you strike out on your own, relying on nothing but your own strengths and senses to find the quarantined and protected safe zone in Ann Morrison park.

The only question that matters is: Can you survive The Boise Dead?

(Participants must be 18 or older)